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Elena Anagnostelou’s firm is based in Athens, Greece and offers a variety of exquisite services such global brand positioning, branding and corporate identity creation, packaging, website design, digital and print design.

The firm has being successfully active in this sector for more than a decade now and has gained vast experience while supplying with innovative, creative solutions and ideas to numerous clients. Our services have been rendered to a wide variety of clients including but not limited to, multinational corporations and businesses with a broad spectrum of activities and have successfully assisted to make their success more brilliant.

The firm supports effectively on a daily basis well established brand names as well as newly upcoming brands. Using our analytical tools and skills based on our vast experience we strive to understand the current market position of each client and to propose tailor made solutions and to provide the means for performance maximization.

Our Innovative department is here to assist you in realizing your newly strategic goals and aspirations.
We are here to discuss with you your idea and to offer to you multiple proposals to assist you in the materialization and promotion of your idea.

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