• Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Promotional Material
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Product Catalogues
  • Exhibition Booth Design
  • Printing Solutions

Making a difference in a competitive industry is of primary importance for every company, product or service. Having a unique distinctive brand identity that delivers exactly that, can be a game changer.

Be it the creation of a new logo or designing a comprehensive corporate identity and promotional material, we will provide you with strategically sound and inspirational solutions for your brand’s future. Our proven experience, our love for creation and the legacy of our dozens of clients are all a firm promise of what we can together achieve as the next day for your business.

Anagnostelou CREATIVE STUDIO was selected as one of the

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Website Design & Development

  • Corporate Website Design & Development
  • E-commerce Website Design
  • Consulting Services
  • Optimisation Services
  • Landing Pages
  • Multilingual Portals
  • Mobile Applications Design (UI, UX Design)

Creating a unique web footprint is no simple matter. Designing a functional, tailored to your corporate needs website, can drastically change the future of your business. Aiming to provide a complete and enjoyable user experience, while reflecting the philosophy and values ​​of your business, the aesthetics of your website should comply with the latest guidelines of responsive and interactive design.

That’s why we’re here! Our design team works on custom made creative proposals that fit your company’s strategic needs, no matter at which stage of the business life cycle you currently are. From designing and developing your website or your e-shop, to technical testing before launch, to optimizing features once the website airs, we support your new digital home at every step of the process.

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Packaging Design

  • Packaging design
  • Product label design
  • Printing / Production supervision (upon assignment)

Product packaging is one of the key factors of its commercial success. Hence investing in great packaging design is of paramount importance. The company’s philosophy is reflected in the packaging of the product. Its aesthetics is what grabs the potential consumer’s attention and makes the product stand out on the shelf from the rest of the competition. The style, the color palette, the font selection, the packaging material and usability are all elements that influence the branding of the product.

Working closely with our clients, we design and propose unique functional solutions that apply to modern aesthetics and complement your product quality.

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Communication Strategy & Marketing

  • Communication strategy design
  • Social Media management
  • Naming
  • Copy Creation – Copy Editing
  • Google Adwords

Our dedicated team offers integrated consulting services at the level of communication strategy and marketing, both in the digital environment and at a broader level of communicating your brand.

By focusing on your business goals and having a deep understanding of your competitive arena, we support the enhancement of the commercial value of your service or product.