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An extra virgin olive oil which gets its name from the geographical position of its olive grove. The coordinates 37o17’07.00 “N / 21o56’00.00” E describe the blessed land of Kalamata and, more specifically, the village of Constantine in the north of Messinia.

Adhering to the best agricultural practices and showing environmental sensitivity Kostantinos Liris produces a unique extra virgin olive oil. His dream is to share it with the whole world. The creation of the visual identity and packaging for the KL 37/21 * are on a par with the premium quality of the product. The initial letters of the producer’s name are combined with the geographical coordinates of the olive grove and compose its visual identity.

The timeless combination of white printing against a black background enhances the distinctive character of the product. The sophisticated glass bottle that contains this fine olive oil is dressed in black. The signature of the producer himself imprinted on it adds to its classy design. The website www.kl3721.com designed for KL 37/21 * describes in great detail the technical characteristics and specific production processes relevant to this exceptional product. The information offered is well structured and the main pillars of content οn the site menu make browsing very user-friendly.

A place of tradition and expertise in making really good olive oil.

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