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Arpistis, a six apartment complex in Ano Koufonissi, promises its guests a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this small paradise of the Small Cyclades. Our office was asked to design the branding as well as to create a website for the specific complex.

The dark navy blue of the landscape meets one of the leading examples of Cycladic sculpture, the Arpistis (harpist), so the new corporate identity of the complex becomes an entity. With its crisp, simple lines, the harpist’s profile stands out, playing with light and shadows in the unique blue Aegean palette.The geometric style of typography complements the branding.

Website design focuses on easy browsing. Information given is structured in a clear way, reflecting the options and services provided by the “Arpistis” complex. In addition, there is reference to the natural beauty and entertainment and relaxation opportunities that the island offers to any potential visitor. The website is dressed in the colors of the logo. At the end of each section, the “contact” details  encourage booking.


Ο Αρπιστής της Κέρου είναι από τα ωραιότερα και πιο γνωστά έργα του κυκλαδικού πολιτισμού. Το ειδώλιο αποτελεί μία από τις αρχαιότερες μέχρι σήμερα γνωστές παραστάσεις μουσικών. Απεικονίζει ανδρική μορφή, που αποδίδεται τρισδιάστατα στο χώρο, καθισμένη σε κομψό θρόνο με πλάτη, ενώ με το δεξί χέρι κρατάει μεγάλο μουσικό όργανο, που μοιάζει με άρπα ή λύρα.

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